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Organic Cinnamon Powder (100G)


Cinnamon is a spice made from the bark of species of the cinnamon tree. Cinnamon is a great flavouring agent because of its earthy aroma and a sharp taste. Organic Cinnamon Powder is one of the most celebrated spices for its versatility in both savoury and sweet food.

Good to know

This powder is rich in Calcium, Magnesium and other important nutrient.

✓ Anti-Inflammatory
✓ Immune-Boosting
✓ High in Nutrients
✓ Gluten Free (GF)

Here's a tip
Boil a cup of water. Pour and mix a teaspoon of cinnamon and let it ‘brew’ for 15 minutes. When cool add a tablespoon of honey. Drink on an empty stomach. 

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