High Protein Classic Coffee, 15 Servings


As one of the most popular beverages in the world, coffee is the ideal beverage for fitness enthusiasts. When consumed before exercise, coffee can cause fat cells to be used as an energy source and the caffeine in coffee will increase your metabolism, which makes us burn more calories throughout the day.

Combining your protein with high quality coffee beans from Brazil, Heal High Protein Classic Coffee is the best way to kickstart a hectic day or a strenuous workout!

Good to know
Each serving of Heal consists of:
-20g protein
-less than 140kcal
-zero sugar added
-made from real Brazilian coffee
-all 9 essential amino acids
-natural caffeine from coffee
-no artificial flavours and colours added
-no preservatives added

15 servings value pack (540g)

Here's a tip
Highly recommended to drink this before or after a workout to fuel your body.

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