Baking Powder (Aluminium Free & Non-GMO)


Radiant's whole food baking powder contains NO aluminium! Most baking powders contains sodium aluminium sulfate, a form of aluminium and it has a bitter taste too.

Good to know
Aluminium is said to be dangerous to health and Alzheimer patients have abnormally high levels of aluminum in their brain. Radiant's Baking Powder is equal to double acting
baking powders and is fast acting. Two-thirds of the reaction takes place in your mixing bowl. The other 1/3 takes place in the oven.

Here's a tip
Mix all your dry ingredients together, then add your wet ingredients at the end. Try not to stir your batter more than necessary after adding the water. Further mixing will have a tendency to stir out some of the forming carbon dioxide bubbles created between the baking powder and the water in your batter.

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