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Almonds (200g)


Almonds are high in protein, fat, vitamins, iron, potassium and calcium. It is usually eaten raw, but we encourage using it as an ingredient. 

Good to know

  • Good for the brain - contains two vital brain nutrients, riboflavin and L-carnitine, which have been shown to increase brain activity
  • Good for the heart
  • Bone health - a fantastic source of many vitamins and minerals, and phosphorous is definitely counted among them!
  • Antioxidant benefits with high vitamin E content
  • Protein power plus
  • Loaded with dietary fiber

Almonds last a long time in the pantry, so don't worry about buying too much in one go. 

Here's a tip
Include almonds as an ingredients in your granola bowl, salad, cookies and more! Don't forget that you can make your own Almond milk too. 

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