Matcha Overnight Oats

Introducing #1 Best Protein Powder in Malaysia, Heal Nutrition.

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Hope everyone is doing well during the current situation of the new norm!
If you’re confused, frustrated over how to stay healthy indoors and on the quest to drop a couple of kilos, swapping some of your regular meals to a quick and tasty snack to your diet,
look no further than the high protein beverages from Heal Nutrition.

Firstly, a little introduction,
At Heal Nutrition, we believe you deserve the best! These high protein beverages are easy to mix and incorporate into your lifestyle, no matter how busy or stretched for time you might be. Most importantly, our great range of high protein beverages are available in fantastic flavours that score highly in the taste test, so you can rest assured that you’re getting all your protein needs without compromising on taste. Furthermore, our range consists of both dairy and vegan options and flavours – you’re bound to find something that’ll fit into your lifestyle and dietary requirements!

To help you get started to your journey, we have incorporated a simple recipe you can include for your breakfast so you can trade your nasi lemak.

1⁄3 cup of Radiant's organic rolled oats⁣
2 tablespoons of Food Space Asia's chia seeds
1 serving of Heal Matcha Latte⁣
1⁄2 cup Pacific Foods' organic oat milk

Just mix them all in a jar and refrigerate overnight, add your favourite toppings in the morning and your meal is ready ! Easy peasy!

In addition, with this recipe, you could change it up to different flavours of protein that is sold on Food Space Asia.


Written by: Heal Nutrition Team